Monday, March 06, 2006

Putting Your Feet Where Your Mouth Is, As It Were

According to TIME (March 6, 2006), "a U.S. artist has earned the wrath of anti-immigrant groups by designing shoes that, in theory at least, help illegals cross the border from Mexico. Brincos--Spanish for jump--feature ankle support for traversing treacherous terrain, a compass, and, on the insole, a map of the best route from Tijuana to San Diego. Made in China, handed out for free in Tijuana and sold for $215 in San Diego, the shoes were created by Judi Werthein to show how a product can mean different things in different economies and, as she puts it, 'to say certain things without being a politician.'" My thoughts: 1) Who would pay $215 for such shoes in San Diego? 2)Once again, I have sunk to cribbing interesting material from other publications, because I don't write down original interesting thoughts when they arise, and lose interest in recounting them later on. 3) What a terrible ending to this blog entry.


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